This Wedding Proposal Stole The Show During Philly's Pride Parade

    Take notes, this is how it's done.

    An amazing marriage proposal at Philadelphia's Pride celebration this weekend put all other possible Pride wedding proposals TO SHAME.

    Elicia Gonzales asked her girlfriend, Megan Hannah, to marry her in truly flawless fashion. Let's get the recap!

    Step 1. Stop the parade and approach your future bride.

    Step 2. Get down on one knee to profess your love.

    Step 3. Make her all weepy with your words.

    Step 4. Keep saying all those ~ romantic ~ things until she can't stop smiling.

    Step 5. Let her mull over the possibility of spending "happily ever after" by your side.

    Step 6. Act cool, like you knew for sure she was going to say YES!

    Final step: Costume change, FTW.

    That's how it's done!

    Watch the full video which was uploaded to Facebook by Didier Garcia:

    Congrats to the the happy couple!