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    This Tattoo Artist Retouched His Wife's Tattoo Of Their Trans Son To Reflect His True Identity

    "I think it really reaffirmed, for him, that we believed him."

    Steve Peace, a Calgary, Canada-based tattoo artist, recently retouched the tattoos he gave his wife, Lindsay, over 10 years ago. Her ink includes three small portraits of their children: Elliot, Hamish, and Ace.

    The portrait of their oldest son, Ace, who is a 15-year-old trans teen, needed considerably more retouching. Completed before Ace came out, the portrait wasn't an accurate representation of their son:

    In the retouching, Ace's pink dress was turned into a blue T-shirt and shorts. If you look closely, you can see the purple bow was transformed into a slingshot.

    Steve and Lindsay surprised their son with the final transformation, which took only about one hour to draw up and complete.

    "I think it really reaffirmed, for him, that we believed him," said Steve. "Parents often sit in the closet themselves. This was putting it out there."

    Ace was thrilled with the final product, and told Global News, "It made me really happy, I didn't realize how much she believed me. It finally fits."

    The tattoo shop where Steve works shared the special image on their Facebook page. The response has been overwhelmingly positive:

    The icing on the cake for Steve? "My wife got to keep her tattoo."