This Photo Shoot Is All The Dapper Holiday Inspiration You Need

    The team over at H&H Weddings talked to BuzzFeed about why every holiday party needs a few dapper ladies.

    You can thank the team over at H&H Weddings for helping you pick the perfect outfit for your next holiday party. Partnering with Color Pop Events and Brookelyn Photography, they pulled together a "Art Deco Dapper Hour" featuring great suits, bow-ties, and plenty of bubbly.

    Kate Schaefer of H&H Weddings, whose lifelong quest is to "dispel stereotypes and create beautiful things," recognized the idea was too good not to act on. "What do I mean by 'Dapper Hour' exactly? Well, I took the world's greatest concept (happy hour), and added a few dapper details for a whole new idea," Schaefer explained to BuzzFeed. She hopes that everyone can find their very own holiday inspiration from the shoot. "There are so few places for masculine women and trans-guys to find clothing that I wanted to highlight the places that make a point to cater to this community."

    Scroll through to get your very own dapper holiday ideas:

    "We played with various dapper looks; one model wore a full suit, another wore a vest, while another donned suspenders and a bow tie," Schaefer told BuzzFeed.

    "We found super chic clothing from places that cater to masculine women and transguys, such as Saint Harridan, and mixed in a few signature cocktails from Purslane Catering."

    "From there, a vintage set of cufflinks, some stylish loafers and a whole lot of Art Deco décor made this the ultimate New Years Eve/holiday soiree inspiration."

    "The palette is masculine, yet festive. We added Bon Affair bubbly for a celebratory toast and our stud of a French Bulldog, Remy, definitely stole the show."

    Jumpsuit more your style? Look no further.

    The white jumpsuit is from & FOR LOVE, headpieces by Hushed Commotion.

    Schaefer adds, "The best part about Dapper Hour is that every kind of person can find something they love. We aimed for inclusion."

    "If you decide to host your own Dapper Hour, remember; keep those glasses full!"

    Check out the full spread from the shoot and get more info on the vendors used here.