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This Man Is Taking A Photo Every Day For The Rest Of His Life

Welcome to the stunning black-and-white world of photographer Woody Campbell.

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Photographer Woody Campbell is capturing his life, one day at a time, in a single black-and-white photograph. The lawyer and former Marine told BuzzFeed the project all started with a photography class that required students to shoot a "roll a day" using 35mm film cameras. "No excuses. You were expected to show up for the weekly class with seven contact sheets, one for each day of the past week," Campbell said. Not only did the students have to take an entire roll of photographs, but they had to be good, as each was fiercely critiqued by peers and the professor.

Five years ago, Campbell got back to taking "the digital equivalent" of a roll a day. "I've owned and shot with just about every camera imaginable, including 4x5 and 8x10 large-format film, medium-format film, and digital," the photographer said. Campbell said he is happiest when shooting on his Leica Monochrom, which shoots only in black and white.

The photographer posts a single image each day on his personal blog and plans to continue to do so for the rest of his life.


"I actually post about a week after taking an image. This gives me a little distance and a perspective in terms of editing my own work, which is actually quite difficult."

"A close friend was infected with a flesh-eating microbe while swimming in Uruguay, and was in a coma for 14 days. It seems to me to be fair to allow an exception for any days that I'm in a coma. We'll see."


Take a peek into Campbell's life via his blog or Twitter account.


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