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    This Man Is Taking A Photo Every Day For The Rest Of His Life

    Welcome to the stunning black-and-white world of photographer Woody Campbell.

    In his own words, Campbell discusses his photo-a-day project:

    "It takes me 20 or 30 digital exposures to have some assurance of at least one decent image — some days I do many more — rarely fewer."

    "What does it mean to do one photo every day for the rest of my life? If I'm sick, even very sick, I hope to continue to shoot."

    "I actually post about a week after taking an image. This gives me a little distance and a perspective in terms of editing my own work, which is actually quite difficult."

    "A close friend was infected with a flesh-eating microbe while swimming in Uruguay, and was in a coma for 14 days. It seems to me to be fair to allow an exception for any days that I'm in a coma. We'll see."

    "I'm best when I shoot light, not a subject. There are those occasions where there is a lovely, enveloping light."

    "It feels almost like an out-of-body experience if I'm able to get into the moment."

    Are there days Campbell struggles to find an image?

    "Of course. These days have produced some of the worst and some of the best images in this body of work."

    What does Campbell hope his audience takes away from his project? “Whatever they find in it,” said the photographer.

    Take a peek into Campbell's life via his blog or Twitter account.