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    This Is How You Turn A Children's Pop-Up Book Into A Wedding Album

    "Bert And Ernie On The Go" became "Bradford and Grant On The Go."

    When long-time couple Bradford and Grant finally tied the knot, they received a unique wedding present to remember the special day.

    One of the groom's sisters took a Bert and Ernie pop-up book and turned it into an almost-too-adorable wedding album.

    A YouTuber posted a video of the entire wedding album so we can all marvel at its perfection.

    The entire wedding party, plus family and friends, were transplanted into the story.

    And no detail was too small to include.

    The groom's brother said of the video:

    "My brother finally got the chance to marry the man of his dreams, my Sister took every photo from the wedding and altered a Bert and Ernie pop-up book. I made this video to show you that hard work from my siblings. Family is those who show up when you need them."

    The bar has officially been raised for super adorable wedding albums everywhere.

    Take a peek for yourself:

    View this video on YouTube