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A Gay “Jeopardy” Contestant Is Not Pleased That The GOP Used His Image

"Your candidates are horrifying garbage who've done nothing for LGBT rights. Don't use my image."

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Today that infamous snap resurfaced, appearing on the House Republicans' website promoting a Snapchat campaign to coincide with President Obama's final State of the Union address.

Virtel told BuzzFeed News that the GOP did not reach out for permission to use the image, adding that he was only notified of its use via Twitter.

When he first saw the GIF, Virtel found it amusing — until his "conscience kicked in," then it felt "gruesome and terrible and nauseating."

"It blows my mind that they'd use my image without doing, oh, a nanosecond of research that would prove I'm not their people." At the time of this interview, no GOP representative had responded to Virtel's requests to remove the well-known snap.


Virtel strung off a few tweets requesting the image be removed:

Hey, GOP! Your candidates are horrifying garbage who've done nothing for LGBT rights. Don't use my image.

@GOP I think every day about closeted gay kids who want to kill themselves because their parents are ignorant, fearful Republicans.

Dear @GOP: The reason people liked my snap was because it defied regressive, homophobic, scary-ass losers like you.

Virtel expressed his outrage at the use of his likeness on Facebook as well:

Facebook: louis.virtel

"They horrify me and a sweeping majority of my community," Virtel said of the Republican Party. "I would never, ever condone their use of my image."

"I believe the GOP has been dragged kicking and screaming into even the most basic type of gay tolerance," he added.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a GOP representative for comment.