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This Doodle-Filled Instagram Will Provide You With Endless Wisdom

Amber Ibarreche's puns, quips, and insights are what you need right now.

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Brooklyn-based artist Amber Ibarreche is here to drop some serious knowledge on you with her doodling prowess:

Her work, which you can have printed on various items, is applicable to almost any life situation. / Via

For when anyone gets you down:

When your parents tell you to get a job already:

On thinking before you speak:

On the importance of human connection:

On a healthy mind, body, and soul:

On seeing things differently:

And some are simply great when you need a good pun in your life:

One of her most popular doodle-turned-apparel items: "I Only Fuck With Goddesses."

"Everybody reads into it differently and it's interesting to hear their personal theory of the quote. I make everything for everybody. I never intentionally make anything queer. Witchy maybe," says the artist.

Get more of her wise words right here.