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This Binational Lesbian Couple Could Be The First To Receive A Green Card

With the dismissal of DOMA, married same-sex couples will now be federally recognized in 13 states. Cathy and Catriona could be the first of many binational same-sex couples to receive a legal green card.

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Parents of three children, Cathy and Catriona were running out of options last year when Cathy’s H-1B visa petition was denied (she is a citizen of Ireland).

They decided to join The DOMA Project, file a green card petition based on their marriage and assert their right to be treated equally under the law.

The Doma Projects states:

Their case has not been denied, and The DOMA Project co-founder, their attorney, Lavi Soloway, says they may be the first couple to have their green card case approved the day the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA.

Listen to their story:

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