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    This Ad Campaign Encourages Women To Talk About Their Very First Period

    "I went to the grocery store and stole a box of tampons. I didn't know anything about tampons and they were super plus."

    A new project from women's performance underwear brand Dear Kate features twenty women sharing personal stories about the first time they got their period:

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    "We aim to talk about periods in an authentic way that eliminates the weirdness and shame that so many of us feel," Dear Kate's founder and chief creative officer Julie Sygiel told BuzzFeed News.

    "It has been awesome to see people's willingness to talk about something that typically isn't talked about. By hearing other women's stories about a time and an experience that made me personally feel so vulnerable, I am reminded that I was not alone," added Isabella Giancarlo, Dear Kate's creative coordinator.

    The short film was directed by Mary Harron of Process Media, best known for her films American Psycho and The Notorious Bettie Page.

    That very first time is hard to forget:

    And everyone reacts differently:

    Sometimes you get less-then-helpful advice:

    Every first time is clearly different, but as Dear Kate's website states: "We have a lot of feelings about our periods."

    The project also features a gallery where anyone can record their own #FirstTimeFIlm:

    Because no matter how embarrassing a period story is, someone (ahem, everyone) can probably relate.

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