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    These Two Moms Recorded One Second Each Day Of Their Son's First Year

    365 seconds of pure cuteness is a lot to take in all at once. You've been warned.

    When Stephanie and her wife had their son Oscar, the parents wanted to do something special to capture all the memories that would soon be flying past them.

    Photo Courtesy of Elyse Cragg

    That's when they decided to record one second of Oscar's life each day for his entire first year – starting with day one on July 29th, 2013 at 5:49 p.m..

    Stephanie told BuzzFeed, "When my wife became pregnant, I knew this was something I wanted to create for my soon-to-be son -- a video version of a baby book."

    "My wife took 80% of the footage as she was with him day to day while on maternity leave. Once a month, I'd take all her clips, watch, edit, and then compile. I pretty much cried every time I did this."

    "I couldn't believe how much he changed day to day, or month to month."

    "Oscar was a month early, so just a shade over 5lbs when he was born and it's amazing to watch his progression not only in development but in physical size."

    After the couple posted the video online, they started to notice the warm response they received from people sharing the video.

    "What stood out the most was the comments such as 'This boy is truly loved' or 'what a beautiful family.'"

    According to Stephanie, the couple also realized many commenters assumed there was a dad behind the camera.

    "If this video is going to be shared, then we want people to know that this beautiful and happy little boy is of a same-sex family," Stephanie concluded.

    Tissues ready? Great, click play: