UFC Fighter Shows Support For Marriage Equality While Stripping Down To His Underwear

    There are allies and then there are allies.

    Kyle "Kingsbu" Kingsbury, 205 lbs of MMA fighting power, was victorious before he even stepped into the ring last Friday in San Jose, California.

    Stripping down for the official weigh-in on FOX 12, Kingsbury showed his support for the LGBT community right where everyone could see it – with a pair of "legalize gay" underwear.

    I'm not sure how wrestling works, but I think this counts as a KO?

    A take down? A pin? A win for underwear all over the world, certainly.

    Coming off a two-year absence from the ring, the light heavyweight UFC fighter lost his fight to Patrick Cummins.

    Not that it matters, he clearly already won.

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    Kingsbury announced his retirement from MMA following the loss: "That was definitely my last fight. I told everyone I didn’t want to be a .500 fighter and so enough was enough. It didn’t make sense to get beat up anymore."

    Kyle: Your fighting style and choice of underwear will be sorely missed.

    Thanks @ToddDuffee for the swim-trunks! You're the best