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    The Struggles Of Binding According To Tumblr

    Dear Binder: I hate you, but I love you.

    1. Wearing a binder is a love/hate relationship:

    2. You learn from your mistakes:

    Seriously, don't do this.

    3. And you always try to share your wisdom:

    4. But some problems seem unsolvable:

    5. Mornings are hard already, you don't need this:

    6. Somedays, it feels like even your friends don't understand what you're dealing with:

    7. Sometimes if feels like your binder won't let you live your best life:

    8. And often the struggle is too real:

    9. It took a while to get everything just right:

    10. Finding one is hard enough, it's not like you can stroll to the store:

    11. Some days it seems like too much:

    12. Especially when people have to go and point out the obvious:

    13. On the other hand, nobody can deny they are straight up magic!

    And when it works? You never feel more fabulous.

    Get more information on binding safely here.