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Posted on Oct 11, 2016

The Queer Sex Ed You Wish You Had In High School

The more you know!

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While all sex education classes vary, odds are if you identify anywhere on the LGBT spectrum you felt a little, um, left out of the curriculum.

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Because sex is a whole lot more than penises in vaginas, and sadly most textbooks or lectures don't quite cut it.

We met with some health professionals to ask all the questions we probably should have asked someone in school. Please, feel free to take notes.

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Q: Like, OK, what should I be thinking about to stay safe during anal sex?


"There is more risk for trauma, like tearing."

A: All the lube, all the protection.


And if I'm a woman in a same-sex relationship, do I really need to use protection?


Oh, OK. Good to know!

Q: How do I know what 'having sex' even means for me?


A: Sex is literally whatever you define it as, there is no primary act.


And when it come to "losing your virginity?" Yea, you can define that for yourself as well.


"The real definition of losing your virginity was about a social construct."

Don't be afraid to ask questions! After all, sexual health should be:


Now, pass the knowledge on.