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    New Version Of "The Sims" To Include Expanded Gender Customization Options

    New menu options will allow players to modify their Sims' appearance and tone of voice, regardless of selected gender.

    Today EA Games released an update for The Sims 4 that will allow players to have even more control over the appearance of their Sims.

    Removing certain restrictions in the Create-A-Sim menu will allow players to modify their Sim's physical features, walk style, and even tone of voice, regardless of the Sim's selected gender.

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    "The Sims has always been this magical sandbox where you get to create the Sim that you want," Rachel Franklin, executive producer of The Sims 4, told BuzzFeed News. "We recognize that diversity is beautiful and wonderful in the world — it's our job to reflect that in the game."

    Franklin said that the design team, which has been working on the update for the past year, worked alongside LGBT advocacy group GLAAD to ensure the latest update would be sensitive to all players of the game — including transgender players.

    "We are always delighted to see how people use the game and how people play the game," she added. "We want them to be able to find a way to express themselves and their creativity and give them all the tools possible to do that — to accurately reflect themselves."

    The update will be available and free to all players later today on The Sims' website.