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The Cast Of "Grey's Anatomy" Dressed Up As "OITNB" Is Something You Need To See

But Ellen Pompeo in cornrows cannot be unseen #BlueIsTheNewBlack

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"Characters of Orange Is the New Black": This Instagram photo, originally posted by Ellen Pompeo, shows cast members of Grey’s Anatomy dressed up as the cast of Orange Is the New Black.

Sara Ramirez, pictured posing as the lovely Alex Vause, reposted the image with: #BlueIsTheNewBlack.

Before you get your hopes up, an ABC rep assured BuzzFeed the photo isn't evidence of some crazy crossover scene in Season 10 – it's just a bit of on-set fun.

There is so much going down in one single photo. Let's break it down, shall we?

Sara Ramirez nails Alex Vause quite effortlessly:

Suzanne is accounted for:

Is that you, Healey?


Most importantly, we have Ellen Pompeo in cornrows as Tricia.


The only thing we are missing? McDreamy as Pornstache.

Pompeo also posted this short video with: "Btw the part of Big Boo was played by this guy #freddyactsafool."

To sum it all up:

The #Greys and #OITNB fandom after @EllenPompeo 's post.

Amanda Jones@amandaleighh96

The #Greys and #OITNB fandom after @EllenPompeo 's post.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premieres on Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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