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The Brilliant Aliases Of "Seinfeld"

A look back on the best pseudonyms from the characters of Seinfeld.

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3. Art Vandelay

Who: No one at all?

When: "The Stakeout", "The Boyfriend", "The Puerto Rican Day".

Why: George and Jerry need an excuse to give to a woman as to why they are waiting in the lobby of the office building where she worked. So they say they are waiting on a meeting with Art Vandelay, a made up person, for lunch.

4. Latex Salesman from Vandelay Industries

Who: George

When: "The Latex Salesman".

Why: Out of time on his unemployment, George tells the unemployment office he is close to a job with Vandelay Industries, a company that makes latex products and whose main office is Jerry's apartment.


6. The Assman

Who: Kramer

When: "The Fusilli Jerry"

Why: At the Department of Motor Vehicles office, Kramer receives someone else's vanity plate, which to his astonishment reads "ASSMAN". He then poses as a doctor order to gain parking at the hospital.


8. Susie

Who: Elaine

When: "The Susie"

Why: Elaine's co-worker Peggy thinks that Elaine is a different woman named "Susie". Of course hilarity ensues as the episode progresses and Elaine poses as both herself and Susie.To end the craziness Elaine announces that Susie took her own life, and even delivers a eulogy at the wake.

9. Dr. Martin Van Nostrand.

Who: Kramer

When: Used in the "The Slicer", "The Strike", and "The Nose Job".

Why: Posing as a dermatologist for a cancer screening at George's company, Kruger Industrial Smoothing. Kramer also attempts to get hold of Elaine's medical chart to erase the negative comments her doctor has made in "The Package".