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    14 Times Tumblr Didn't Have Time For Homophobic Comments

    You want some ice for that burn?

    Tumblr users have some seriously creative ways to respond to homophobia. Take notes, class is in session:

    1. Drop some knowledge and make a swift exit.

    2. List any relevant food allergies.

    3. Use a simple but powerful comparison.

    4. When in doubt, pun it out.

    5. Keep it real.

    6. Violence is never the answer, though it may be tempting.

    7. Spread on that sarcasm thick.

    8. Point out the obvious.

    9. Get animated with your true feelings.

    10. Flip the scenario.

    11. Turn that hypothetical right back around.

    12. Explain yourself.

    13. Answer their inquiries to the best of your ability.

    14. And don't forget to respond to blunt questions with blunt answers: