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The 5 Possible Feelings You Will Have After The "Grey's Anatomy" Finale

Callie and Arizona's relationship is up in the air, just like everyone's emotional well being this season. Jesus, take the wheel.

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You are most likely still trying to mentally process Arizona's actions in the last episode.

And no matter what happens between them, tonight will be a rough ride:

Who are you all watching the #greysanatomy finale with tomorrow night? Your friend Tequila or your friend Vino? #thestormiscoming

Jessica Capshaw


Who are you all watching the #greysanatomy finale with tomorrow night? Your friend Tequila or your friend Vino? #thestormiscoming

Let us reflect on the possible feelings that will result from tonight's finale:

*Spoiler alert- all feels involve tears.

*Spoiler alert- all feels involve tears.

1. Possible Outcome: Callie and Arizona's relationship falls apart.

This worst case scenario will most likely result in a full apocolyptic melt-down of feels. This is the type of crying where your whole body shakes and you can't breath, this is the end my friends.

2. Possible Outcome: They somehow make it through together.

Somehow, in the most dramatic fashion, they work things out or at least don't seem to be completely doomed. The feels will be overwhelmingly euphoric, yet you will cry even harder out of the sweet relief that you narrowly missed disaster.

3. Possible Outcome: The Callie and Arizona story-line is left unresolved.

The only thing worse than finding out what happens, is being left completely in the dark. Arizona could keep her secret for the entire finale and leave us all hanging in the wind until next season. The feels will be bitter, angry, and involve the type of tears best washed down with alcohol.

4. Possible Outcome: In true Shonda-fashion one of them is tragically killed in a freak accident —

Let's not even go there.

5. Any other outcome imaginable:

There will be tears.

Conclusion: You will be crying. And like most season finales, no matter what happens you probably won't feel satisfied.

Be kind to us Shonda, please be kind.

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