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The 21 Realest Tumblr Posts About Identifying As Asexual

"My anaconda don't want none." Seriously, no thanks.

1. The genius of the "Anaconda" remix:

2. This conversation:

3. These serious career goals:

4. This series of snapchats:

5. Being the best at pretty much everything always:

6. The need for this technological advancement:

7. Wanting to give this little girl a huge high five:

8. The irony of life, in general:

9. This relationship status update:

10. This clever pun:

11. This jarring police report:

12. This little childhood tune:

13. Connecting to Pushing Daisies on a scary level:

Bring back Ned the pie maker, please.

14. This thought:

15. And this honest confession:

16. That thing where you can... live forever:

17. This not-so-difficult decision:

18. This quick shutdown:

19. This clever joke:

20. And this one too:

21. Above all, the realness of this statement: