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The 21 "Hottest" Female Celebrities, According To Straight Women

At least we can all agree that Naya Rivera is a gift to this earth. Inspired by this.

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For this extremely scientific study, a group of straight women were asked who they believe the hottest female celebrities are. These are the earth-shattering results:


15. Kristen Stewart

Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters

"She gets a bad rap but damn, that girl is a babe. She's strong and 100% herself and that's pretty badass. We need more girls that feel comfortable not being ultra feminine, and she is the spokeswoman for it." —Mackenzie


7. Beyoncé

Kevin Mazur / WireImage for Parkwood Entertainment / Getty Images

"My vote is for Beyonce because I watched 'Countdown' over and over and over and over and over — and will watch it again right now. She is a goddess." —Emily

4. Shakira

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

"I think Shakira is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Her body is sick, her face is perfect, she's super confident. I could watch her dance for hours." —Emmy

3. Kerry Washington

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

"Kerry Washington is so beautiful I almost can't look at her directly — like the sun." —Jessica

"She is the most flawless human on Earth so all other answers are wrong." —Lili

1. Christina Hendricks

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

"I have recently started rewatching Mad Men and she is the reason I'm wearing red lipstick today. Her lily-white bosom makes her look like the glorious prow of a ship." —Alanna

"I don't think I need to waste your time with one to three sentences to explain why. Look at her, people." —Lisa