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Let's Hear It For All The Ladies Wearing Tuxes To Prom

Suit-and-tie game too strong.

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*Kicks open gymnasium doors* Listen up, prom season, we need to talk.

It's plainly obvious that ladies should be donning a dapper suit for prom this year.

Whether you're taking a friend or that someone special, you're going to outshine any other couple in the room.

The color coordination options are simply endless.

Your selfie game will never be stronger — this is a fact.

And your crew will never look more put together.

Your date will be downright ~swooning~ the second they see you.

In a simple black-and-white number...

Add a touch of color for all those spring vibes.

You're going to look flawless from head to toe.

If all else fails? All. Black. Everything.

Although you really can't go wrong with a crisp white jacket, either.

You'll look better than your brother did in that tux.

Bow down to all the suits, tuxes, and button-down numbers out there.

Prom only comes around once a year, and it should be a night to remember.

Have you been thinking about going the dapper route?

Anyone and everyone can wear a tux or rock a suit, so grab your corsage and get going.

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