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    This Tumblr User Just Created The Same-Sex Disney Pairings Of Your Dreams

    For anyone who thinks Ariel should have ended up with Jasmine.

    Tumblr user Dopey Beauty has gained a loyal following for her amazing Disney edits, crossovers, and remakes.

    Seriously, these GIF sets will give you life.

    The user behind the account describes herself as "the girl who makes Disney edits" and if you haven't seen her "Bitchy Aurora" works of art, please educate yourself now.

    Her latest series flawlessly reworks some of Disney's classic romances with an LGBT twist:

    "I remembered a 1999 episode of Hercules: The Animated Series where Hercules and Aladdin meet and thought about how it would be interesting to put them together as a couple! I also thought it would be a good challenge to try to edit it and I had a lot of fun doing it," Dopey Beauty told BuzzFeed of the inspiration behind the "Disney Movies No One Asked For" series. The GIFs are all created using Adobe photoshop tools.

    So, what if Aladdin and Hercules had crossed paths?

    Everyone can agree that Prince Eric was the absolute worst. Maybe Ariel should have ended up with Jasmine?

    Tbh, Flounder and Rajah would have been best buds too.

    And then there's the Princess Aurora/Pocahontas love that could have been:

    Since creating the series, Dopey Beauty has received hundreds of messages from members of the LGBT community, thanking her for making these couples a reality — or close to it.

    "One person even told they got emotional looking at them, because Disney is so important to them and they'd love to see something similar produced by Disney themselves! I hadn't even considered that reaction when editing them (I was just doing it for fun) but it was so lovely to hear how many people were moved by them."

    But, will we be seeing more? "As long as i can come up with ideas, I shall do my best to bring them to life! It's so fun to make them, and I adore the wonderful response with all my heart."

    Oh yes, we ship it.

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