For Everyone Totally In Love With Villanelle On "Killing Eve"

    "Take me to the hole!"

    Hello, yes, the finale of Killing Eve will finally air this weekend on BBC America.

    And if you're like most of the TV-binging world right now, you've been wrapped up in the show for the last 8 weeks.

    Me at 8pm: “I guess I’ll check the Killing Eve show out.” Me at 12:30am: “When the hell does the next episode air?!” #KillingEve

    And TBH, the show deserves every ounce of praise it has received thus far — and then some.

    killing eve talking to literally every other show out there

    And as the season progressed, you might have thought to yourself, "Hmmm... this is getting pretty gay."

    i'm watching killing eve and it's getting REALLY gay

    Once again, you're not alone!

    ONE EPISODE INTO KILLING EVE: Hmm, I kind of wish they hadn’t made the villain bi/queer THREE EPISODES IN: Oh wait, they made EVERYONE bi/queer, carry on

    The vibes are clearly ~ out there~.

    And the vibes are, it seems, totally mutual.

    We have the receipts.

    If you started to watch the show because you LIVE for Sandra Oh, it's possible Jodie Comer's acting/existence caught you completely off-guard.

    I came to "Killing Eve" for Sandra Oh — I wasn't prepared for Jodie Comer


    (If you were already on the Jodie Comer train, I apologize for the rest of us just now rolling into the station.)

    But honestly, where has Jodie Comer been my entire life? THE RANGE!

    So let's just talk for a moment about Villa- "You hit with me a log"- nelle.

    Yes, she is a highly trained, cold-blooded assassin. But she's a very lovable one.


    * HEART EYES *

    Who, you know, happens to be super queer.

    I'm not sure what we did to deserve her...

    ... or her facial expressions...

    can’t get enough of Villanelle’s face expressions. #KillingEve #jodiecomer

    ... but I'm glad we have her now.

    The first season has really been a wild ride...

    ... for everyone involved, really.

    And now with the finale, we could finally get some answers about Villanelle's mysterious past and, um, relationships and stuff.

    And although it's a little wrong to hope that Villanelle and Eve end up together, we're all definitely hoping that's exactly what happens.

    One thing is for certain, after this finale episode we will all be plunged into a dark world, totally absent of the best show on television.

    Killing eve ends next week and we’re expected to go back and live our lives and pretend like this show hasn’t been the center of it for the past 8 weeks

    Anyway, my body is ready.

    me after the killing eve s1 finale credits roll