Stephen Fry Is Going To Host A Televised Same-Sex Wedding Musical Extravaganza

To celebrate the start of same-sex marriages in England and Wales later this month, Channel 4 is airing a musical wedding ceremony. No, really.

1. On March 29th, one of the UK’s very first same-sex marriages is set to be broadcast on television as a full-blown musical event – hosted by the one and only Stephen Fry.

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2. Who would want their wedding turned into a musical? This couple of twelve years: Composer Benjamin Till and West End actor Nathan Taylor.

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3. The grooms will be writing all the music for their special wedding event, which will air on Channel 4 as Our Gay Wedding: The Musical.

“This isn’t a musical about our wedding, this is a musical celebration about the historical importance of March 29th; the first day gay men can legally marry in England and Wales,” says the couple.

4. There will be musical vows, musical readings, and pretty much non-stop music. Plus, a full ensemble of family, friends, and “very special” surprise guests.

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5. In case your wondering, “But why a musical?” The grooms answered just that in a recent blog post:

But why a musical?

Well, readers of this blog will know that Nathan and I have 40 years combined experience in the professional worlds of music, film and theatre. As a composer, I use music to express my emotions. I pour emotion into the music I write and can think of no more perfect way to express my love and gratitude to Nathan than through song. Why on earth would I SAY vows when I can SING them? When I can accompany them with the chords and beats and suspensions which far more adequately express my love for a man who has been my rock for 12 years.

Nathan, as a musical theatre performer with a great respect and love for the art form, feels exactly the same way. Music has run through our relationship like the most perfect golden thread. I write a song. Nathan will be the first man to hear it. Nathan performs in a show or cabaret, and I will sit on the front row, engulfed and charmed by the beauty of his voice.

6. Benjamin and Nathan said: “We’ve spent our entire lives expressing emotion through song, so getting married in a musical, particularly one that we’re writing ourselves, felt like the most natural thing in the world.”

7. And really, is there anyone better to host your wedding than Stephen Fry?

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