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Badass Queer Couples Who Will Make You Feel Even More Single And Alone In This World

But like, in a very aspirational way.

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1. Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli

Instagram: @whododatlikedat

These two made some serious headlines when their relationship first went public, but after the hubbub died down they went about their business — being all adorable n' lovey all the time!

The actor/writer duo happen to have that whole mirror-selfie game subtly on lock down.

Morelli's "sleep series" should be opening at a museum near you any day now.

* sobs into microwavable meal for one *

Instagram: @lomorelli

2. Beth Ditto & Kristin Ogata

Instagram: @marybethditto

You know Beth Ditto as Gossip's glam front woman, though more recently she's been conquering the fashion world with her plus-size line. Ditto's known her wife, Kristin Ogata, since she was eighteen years old. The pair tied the knot in Hawaii in 2013, later making it officially official with another ceremony after marriage equality became legal.

They could be that fun, quirky couple next door — except without even trying they're cooler than you'll ever be.

* Prints out. Frames. Places on desk at work *

Valery Hache / Getty Images

3. Lena Waith & Alana Mayo

Instagram: @hillmangrad

You fell in love with Waithe as Denise on Aziz Ansari's Master Of None (when is it coming back again!?). But let me make it clear, you're going to fall even harder when you peep her Instagram and see how much she fawns over her lady, Hollywood production executive Alana Mayo.

The low-key power couple of power couples. Dolled up or chillin' at home, these two are adorable and then some.

* Takes notes on the perfect date night *

4. Ellen Page & Samantha Thomas (& their puppy, Patters)

Instagram: @ellenpage

Not all of us can be easy, breezy, Canadian/Californian hybrid babes. These two can. The support they give each other is only matched in adorableness by their adopted pup, Patters.

Whenever they take selfies the sun is like, 'Hey guys, let me get in there too."

Same, sun. Same.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

5. Jenny Shimizu & Michelle Harper

Instagram: @jennyshimizu

Model Jenny Shimizu tied the knot with fashionista brand consultant Michelle Harper in 2014. In their few married years they have already provided a lifetime of relationship goals we can all only hope to achieve one day. Please note their holiday cards for inspiration.

Proof that even the most glam, high fashion, badass couple...

6. Ellen DeGeneres & Porta De Rossi

Instagram: @portiaderossi

The first queer couple of America really needs no introduction. Take a moment to be thankful these two found each other and then go look at their anniversary photos over and over again.

Even with their hectic Hollywood schedules, they make time for the important things in life. (Selfies, it's selfies.)

And if the only thing they love more than each other is their animals, well that's something to strive for as well.

* Kneels before royalty *

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

7. Annie Clark & Cara Delevingne

Instagram: @st_vincent

Musician Annie Clark and model Cara Delevigne are like that couple who surprised you at first and now you realize they were always meant to be. After all, weirdo love is the love that lasts and these two are the best sort of weirdos.

Even when they're literally just sitting stoically next to each other, with no real interaction — it's beautiful.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

* Attempts to teleport to that teeny, tiny space between them. *

Benoit Tessier / Reuters

8. Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer

Instagram: @chelywright

If you watched the country musician's documentary about coming out you probably bawled your eyes out. Like the best love stories, this one had a happy ending. Wright married her wife Lauren Blitzer in 2011.

In 2013, Wright and her wife welcomed twins and, like any good new mamas, instantly flood their Instagram accounts with solidly 100% baby photos

We'll give them a pass on that one.

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