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    "Rizzoli And Isles" Is The Gayest Non-Gay Show On Television

    This TNT drama features a homicide detective and medical examiner duo with crazy chemistry. Just friends? Psh, okay.

    Thanks to the blatant on-screen chemistry between Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon, Rizzoli and Isles has become a need-to-watch lesbian show...with no lesbians in sight.

    And the creators of the show are completely aware of this.

    Writer Janet Tamaro told TV Guide:

    "The lesbian theory endlessly amuses me, and it amuses the cast. Rizzoli and Isles have been heterosexual from the first episode, though there is no way I would want to interfere with my viewers' fantasy lives."

    We see you Janet, feeding the fire of the great ship that is "Rizzles".

    With this new promo for Season 4, Rizzoli and Isles has truly outdone itself.

    I swear, each new promo image or video I see for #RizzoliandIsles just gets more and more gay. #gayzzoli #notcomplaining



    I swear, each new promo image or video I see for #RizzoliandIsles just gets more and more gay. #gayzzoli #notcomplaining

    so GAY. this isthe gayest promo yet #rizzoliONisles come s4 #gayzzoli #rizzoliandisles

    marcia b


    so GAY. this isthe gayest promo yet #rizzoliONisles come s4 #gayzzoli #rizzoliandisles

    Don't think we don't know what you're doing here. We see the excessive touching.

    Subtle guys, really subtle.

    Who spends this much time "just talking" on a bed?


    Did Rizzoli really have to get that close while teaching Maura how to shoot a gun? DID SHE!?

    Then you had them pose as a couple!? What are you trying to do to us? are we talking about?

    Then you have the NERVE to dangle moments like this in front of us:

    I mean, for goodness sake you entitled an episode "I Kissed A Girl" and let THIS happen:

    Okay. Nice recovery, but we saw that.

    We all know there is a reason this speed dating promo ended with them both striking out.

    View this video on YouTube

    Cough*They went home together?*cough

    You don't think we notice all the loving stares?

    Seriously. No more staring, it's too much.

    Are you guys even TRYING to pretend they're straight anymore?

    Even the character's twitter accounts are playing it up.

    And when the actual actresses themselves start using the couple over.

    They made it to the elite 8 of a "TV Couples" March Madness....COUPLES!?

    Give the people what they WANT!

    Okay, that's better. Whew!

    Gayzolli out.