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    Ready Or Not, Pride Season Is Coming

    Can you feel it in the air? Oh my friends, Pride season is upon us.

    Brace yourself, Pride season is coming.

    You can feel it in the air.

    The parade, the parties, and the preparation; it all sounds pretty overwhelming.

    You don't know whether to embrace it, or run for your life.

    We know June completely snuck up on you...

    ...but resist the urge to flee.

    If this is your first Pride, it's normal to feel a bit lost and underprepared.

    Try not to get weirdly emotional about it.

    Your straight friends won't understand your sudden change in mood:

    And Pride will come whether you are ready or not.

    So instead of panicking, remember that it's basically a month long celebration.

    A month to be proud any way you see fit.

    Feel free to shout it from the rooftops.

    Prepare to make an entrance...

    ...and just do you.

    Ready or not...

    ...Pride is coming.