Radio DJ Records Angry Caller’s Homophobic Rant Against Macklemore

“Have you listened to the song more than once?”

1. This is DJ Artimis and he works the night shift at U93 Radio based in South Bend, IN.

2. On September 5th around 8:00 pm, a caller began to repeatedly complain about the station playing Macklemore’s “Same Love.”

Sure, it’s been overplayed — but it’s such a great Jam! Why the anger?

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3. The angry caller complained that the song was “for homos and Jesus hates gays.”

4. When he continued to call back, the DJ decided to take things into his own hands.

Artimis Radio


Guy just called U93 said “That song is for homos and Jesus hates gays” just called again. I decided to record it…

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6. He recorded the entire conversation:


7. The DJ calmly listens to the man’s “concerns” about the radio station’s track list.

8. He even gives the caller a chance to justify his opinions.

9. Caller: Because I am a Christian. I am a God-fearing man, and I know that those gays don’t have no place in America.

12. Caller: No, I listened to it halfway and shut if off when my son was trying to show it to me.

*Don’t fly off the handle, keep it together*

15. Caller: He doesn’t know no better! He’s not old enough to understand. As a parent I’m supposed to protect him.

17. Artimis stated on his Facebook that he had to “play nice” since he is considered a public figure.

He simply promised to post the video to his Facebook for the public to see.

18. Caller: God is watching you.

20. It’s revealed towards the end of the video that the caller’s name is Craig. Listeners hope the song is played more, just for him.

21. Watch the full trolling here:

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