Brittney Griner Is Here To Give You All The Life You Need

And then some.

1. Attention: Brittney Griner, the heart and soul of the Phoenix Mercury, is here to make your day – nay, life – complete.

2. Each and every time this 6 feet and 8 inches of wonder takes the court, the clouds part and a chorus of angels sing down upon her.

AP Photo/LM Otero

Angels: AHHhhhhMennnn.

3. Please, take just a few minutes to bask in the glory that is this three-time All American athlete.

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

4. Everyone alright? Good, because Griner – giver of life – is just getting started.

5. She is here to lift you UP, much like she does to this tiny little orange ball every game.

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

6. Cue up “I Believe I Can Fly”

Barry Gossage/NBAE / Getty Images

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez


7. She sails onto the court, and then right into your heart.

8. And if her game on the court is making you sweat…

9. … you really need to pay attention to her game off the court.

10. It doesn’t matter what she is doing or where she is – she is looking flawless.

11. ~ All White Everything ~

Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

12. We don’t have enough hours in the day to cover her tattoo greatness, so here’s a quick highlight:


13. We’re all just lucky to live on the same soil and dirt as this ballin’ Goddess.

14. For all this POWER she holds over us mere mortals, you would think Griner would be just no fun at all.

15. Taking yourself too seriously?

AP Photo/LM Otero

16. Nah, never – not her thing!

Rick Wilking / Reuters

17. Griner makes light of any situation.

18. The only thing she loves more than her fans?


19. Skittles, tbh.

20. You know she has her head on straight when it comes to the most important food of all.

21. *bow down*

My Wiener is bigger than yours! @OscarMayer @Wienermobile

— Brittney Griner (@brittneygriner)

22. And the only thing she loves than food? Her main man, Hunt.


23. BRB, chillin’ with bae.

24. But what Griner really does to give us all so much life?

25. She is always herself – unabashedly and boldly.

26. And that is truly a beautiful thing.

27. Let it be known: Griner is not here for the bullshit.

30. “I’m definitely comfortable in my own skin. I’m definitely comfortable in doing whatever comes into this crazy head – I want to be different.”

31. At the WNBA’s orientation, Griner declined to participate in a class about makeup application and “how to dress” – adding that the only class she would appreciate was one on 401(k)s.

Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram / MCT

33. Feeling a bit more alive right now? A little light in your soul? You can thank Griner.

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