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Photographer Kyle Jackson On "Girly Boys" And Drag Queens

"There’s nothing wrong with being a feminine boy or a masculine woman."

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Jackson spent the last four years documenting drag queens in his personal studio. In his artistic statement, he writes:


When met with opposition towards the series, Jackson prompts people with the following scenario:

When your 5-year-old son fancies barbies instead of tonka trucks, what will you do? Will you allow him the freedom to express who he is, thus teaching him to be proud of himself? Or will you teach him to be ashamed of who he is, instilling a childhood worth of fear for what other people think, repression of who he really is, and anger at you for trying to mold him into something he's not? Will you teach him that fitting into society is more important than embracing who he really is?

In the future, Jackson plans to travel the U.S. documenting the LGBT community while encouraging positivity in both his work and personal life.

To view more of Jackson’s photography, visit his website at or visit his Facebook page.