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We Asked People Why They're Proud To Be Bisexual And The Responses Are Perfect

"I am not who I choose to love, but I love who I choose to be."

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So it's no surprise that when we asked bisexual folks to share some reasons why they're proud, their responses were downright inspiring:


3. "A proud Bisexual here, not afraid to break boundaries. My love, motivation and passion for life has expanded since coming out! I wouldn’t change a thing."

6. "A classmate texted me one day saying that me being so out encouraged her to become more open with herself and she came out to her parents. I just want to tell you all out there: Even if you aren’t accepted by who you are by one person, your fight for equality can inspire those around you."


Why are you proud to be a part of the bi community, today and all days? Sound off in the comments below!

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