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    People Took To Twitter To Share Their Deeply Personal #IntersexStories

    "I've spent one year living and fifteen years hiding. Nobody should have to feel like that."

    Every year on Intersex Awareness Day, which takes place on October 26th, people spread awareness and understanding about what it means to be intersex. This year, many took to twitter to share their #IntersexStories:

    Imagine someone tells you "you have a birthmark, but you can't tell anyone about it and you'll never meet anyone with one." #intersexstories

    I was told I'd never meet anyone like me #intersexstories

    The Intersex Society of North America defines "intersex" as people who are born with "reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male."

    Many used the hashtag to voice misconceptions they encounter on a daily basis, while others shared personal anecdotes and frustrations.

    #intersexstories not surgeries bc if you didn't erase us people might actually know we're not hermaphrodites

    we live in a society that has treated #intersex folk as "problems" that need to be fixed. um excuse you, but I'm not broken #intersexstories

    For years I felt different from other girls, I thought something was wrong with me, and I hated myself, I felt so alone #intersexstories

    Pidgeon Pagonis, the activist who organized the hashtag campaign, was inspired to get involved after discovering they were intersex during college. Pagonis was also subjected to “corrective” surgery three separate times.

    Pagonis hoped the worldwide event would provide a platform for intersex people to "share stories, provide support, create community, and ultimately spread the message: #IntersexStories, not surgeries."

    #IntersexStories not surgeries bc we deserve to experience life in our original bodies

    Below are more #IntersexStories shared during the campaign:

    The 1st time I treated an #intersex pt I had to Google how to take care of her. That's why #intersexstories are so vital to all.

    I'm ashamed to have experienced 1st hand that most medical professionals don't know that intersex =/= transgender #intersexstories

    Celebrate #Intersex Awareness Day with me. Share why #IntersexStories—NOT surgeries— are vital & loving. #stayalive

    I found out at 16 I couldn't have kids, at 27 I have XY chromosomes, and at 31 that I'm #intersex. We need #intersexstories, not surgeries.

    Least favorite question: when was the your last menstrual period? Newsflash! Not every female-presenting person bleeds, ok? #intersexstories

    I've spent one year living and fifteen years hiding. Nobody should have to feel like that. #intersexstories

    To make my body fit the sex binary at birth, doctors took some of my organs. I will have to be on HRT for most of my life #intersexstories

    In order to create room for intersex bodies to exist, we have to dismantle patriarchy, sexism and misogyny. #intersexstories

    #IntersexStories not surgeries -no child deserves to have their bodies subjected to unnecessary non-consensual genital surgery

    even though I'm read as female, I don't get my period & I'm not "supposed to." my body wasn't ever gonna do that & it's ok! #IntersexStories

    Being #intersex is a big part of my life and personality, I would never want to be different, I'm proud I was born this way #intersexstories