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The Very Best Tweets To Come From #NationalComingOut Day

"Coming out was scary, painful, and there were days when I thought it wouldn't be worth it. Man is it worth it."

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October 11th is recognized as National Coming Out Day, a day for the LGBT community to celebrate visibility and remind those who are still closeted that they're seen and loved.

When people ask me how I came out to everyone #NationalComingOutDay

On Twitter, users quickly began sharing touching, funny, and heartfelt stories about coming out and what the day means to them with #NationalComingOutDay:

People used the hashtag to remind everyone that identities and labels can change over time — you do you!

Because, a lot of the time, you don't just come out once:

Some people actually used the special day as a reason to come out to their friends or family:

And, thankfully, a lot of people had happy endings to share:

IM SO HAPPY SHE SAW THE NOTE :) #NationalComingOutDay

Out celebrities also shared their stories and sent out words of encouragement:

And it turns out, it's not always easy for them either:

For some people, coming out is simply no big deal:


It's hard to know how people will react:

Unless they already know, of course:

A straight up (no pun intended) joke can sometimes help lighten the mood:

But coming out isn't easy for everyone. Many people shared stories that involved overcoming childhood bullying or family rejection:

See the full story thread here.
Twitter: @jpbrammer

See the full story thread here.

Some people couldn't share their stories, but expressed their support:

Others shared movies, comics, or books that helped make coming out easier:

And few people shared photos to show how far they've come:

Because when you see other people living their best life, it makes it easier to start living authentically yourself:

To everyone celebrating openly and those celebrating privately: Happy National Coming Out Day!

Me to anybody who comes out today or any other day #NationalComingOutDay

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