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Posted on Nov 24, 2014

One Woman Is Beating All The Men At Movember And It's Glorious

Using makeup tricks and an array of mustaches, S. Van Lokey takes home the trophy for this year's No Shave November.

One woman decided that No-Shave November shouldn't just be for gentleman, so she decided to beat them at their own game.

That's right, Texas-based photographer S. Van Lokey has been transforming herself everyday for the special time that is Movember.

All of Lokey's awesome looks were created using face paint, hair gel and the magic of her iPhone 5S.

As she puts it, "What started out as a wacky Movember mustache photo project turned into a serious exercise in making me unrecognizable even to myself."

The photographer says that although she uses some phone apps to achieve a vintage feel, photoshop editing is never used.

She plays around with different characters, trying to bring each unique mustache to life.

Gentleman of the world: You put up a good fight, but sadly this game is over.

Pack it up and shut it down: Movember has been won.

See all her different transformations right here.

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