One Poet’s Open Letter To Straight People

“Dear straight people, who do you think you are?”

1. Denice Frohman is a poet, lyricist and educator.

2. She is also the 2013 Women of the World Poetry Champion.

3. On her website, her personal bio reads:

As a poet who creates art for social change, her work seeks to challenge definitions of “normalcy” and reimagine the borders that divide us. As a queer woman from a multi-cultural background who pushes gender norms, her work is about claiming the power to wear multiple identities proudly, and to wear them however we wish. Her poetry is a celebration of difference, and centers around loving the parts of ourselves that do not fit neatly into dominant social categories.

4. Her poem “Dear Straight People” has recently gone viral over the internet.

Following a feature on Upworthy, her poem reached over 300,000 views on Youtube.

5. And with good reason:

6. Dear straight people…

7. In the poem she addresses some serious misconceptions.

9. And she doesn’t shy away from the hard questions.

11. She addresses all the straight people.

14. Of course, poetry is best experienced first hand. Watch the whole thing here:

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