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20 Times Women Rocked The Red Carpet In Dapper Suits

Because we can never have too many dapper ladies.

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People swooned hard over Evan Rachel Wood's dapper duds on the Golden Globes carpet last night, and it's easy to see why — she looked amazing.

But everyone swooned even harder when she explained her inspiration for suiting up that evening:

Instagram: @evanrachelwood

💞 💞 💞

*flips open photo album* Let's take a moment to recall the other amazing women who have walked red carpets, floated over stages, and sat upon late-night talk show couches in their best suits.

18. But if you're talking suits on red carpets, you can't forget the tiniest Canadian Queen of Dapper:

Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images

Thanks, Canada, for letting us borrow Ellen Page all the time.

19. Does this count as a suit? I'm not sure, but whatever Evan Rachel Wood did here was completely historic and should be placed lovingly in a museum:

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