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    20 Times Women Rocked The Red Carpet In Dapper Suits

    Because we can never have too many dapper ladies.

    People swooned hard over Evan Rachel Wood's dapper duds on the Golden Globes carpet last night, and it's easy to see why — she looked amazing.

    But everyone swooned even harder when she explained her inspiration for suiting up that evening:

    That same evening, Kathryn Hahn and Octavia Spencer also appeared in downright amazing suits.

    Yes and double yes.

    *flips open photo album* Let's take a moment to recall the other amazing women who have walked red carpets, floated over stages, and sat upon late-night talk show couches in their best suits.

    1. Comedians and power couple Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher could serve as mayors of Dapper Town, USA, if it existed:

    2. Think of a suit, any suit — Janelle Monáe has worn it on a red carpet:


    3. Carrie Brownstein isn't one to shy away from a classic look:

    4. Tatum O'Neal must take the cake for being one of the youngest dapper ladies to walk the red carpet:

    5. And feel free to contact Lena Waithe if you need help with your bow tie:

    6. Let us never forget this all polka-dot everything getup worn by Jill Soloway:

    7. You'd be hard-pressed to find Ellen DeGeneres in anything other than a jacket and button-down combo:

    8. And Rihanna once went and reinvented all-white everything:

    9. Amber Heard taught the world that you can't go wrong in a tuxedo:

    10. Though, nobody looks more striking in a suit than the legendary Tilda Swinton:

    11. But Cate Blanchett manages to give her a run for her money:

    12. Maisie Williams may be young, but she rocks a tux like an old pro:

    13. Meanwhile, Solange is usually in a suit class all her own:

    14. Patti Smith would laugh if you called this a new trend:

    15. And Lea DeLaria would join right in:

    16. Kristen Stewart made this patterned top an instant classic:

    17. And nobody knows how to make a better suit appearance than Ruby Rose:

    18. But if you're talking suits on red carpets, you can't forget the tiniest Canadian Queen of Dapper:

    Are you taking notes? Good.

    19. Does this count as a suit? I'm not sure, but whatever Evan Rachel Wood did here was completely historic and should be placed lovingly in a museum:

    20. And some women in suits need no introduction at all:

    To conclude: More women in suits, please.