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22 Tumblr Posts You'll Nod In Agreement With If You're A Lady Who Likes Ladies

"Me: I hate lesbian stereotypes. Also me: Do I look gay enough?"

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1. This accurate depiction of your day-to-day life:

2. This daily affirmation:

3. That moment you start getting some Unsolicited Straight Male Attention:

4. This screenshot we found of your phone's camera roll:

5. This paradox:

6. Eh, and this one too:

7. This statement, which may cause you to involuntarily nod in agreement:

8. This mood board of queer women living and existing past their teens:

Please forward to all television writers.

9. This outrageous conversation that you actually can't really relate to at all, but should pass along to all your friends:

10. This thread that any Barb fan will stand behind:

11. You before you came out:

12. And you now:

13. And this post you can 100% relate to if you are now, or have ever been, single AF:

14. That feeling when you discover a new show to binge:

15. And this one too:

16. Because frankly, it doesn't take much to rope you in:

17. When it's the holiday season but you're tight on cash:

18. This accurate representation of your personal coming out timeline:

19. This nightmare turned epiphany:

20. This little bloop:

21. This award-winning speech:

22. And, finally, this grandma who was sent to make everything all better:

* Nods head in agreement *

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