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    New Clothing Brand Provides A Home For Tomboys

    A new tomboy-inspired fashion collection, Wildfang, is going to liberate menswear for women, one bow tie at a time.

    First check out the launch video:

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    The trailer features actress Kate Moennig, U.S. soccer player Megan Rapinoe and musician Hannah Blilie. The voice-over in the video is done by one of the cofounders' grandmother.

    Get the info:

    Instagram: @wearewildfang

    Brand: Wildfang ("tomboy" in German)

    When: Spring 2013

    Where: Based in Portland, Oregon

    Why: To give tomboys a place to call hom.

    What to expect: Blazers, cardigans, wingtips, and, of course, bow ties

    The brand will be directed toward women who enjoy menswear-style clothing but are sick of shopping in the mens section to get the look. Cofounders Julia Parsley and Emma McIlroy hope to give women a new choice in shopping.

    In an interview, the cofounders promised, "We're going to offer up just as much content in editorial as we will fashion and style. The same way that Urban Outfitters has become the home for the hipster, we definitely hope that in the next few years our consumer believes that Wildfang is the home for the tomboy."

    More photos:

    Best part of the trailer is Megan Rapinoe doing this:

    Keep an eye on the brand's Twitter and Instagram for further launch details.

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