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    For Anyone Who Idolized Mary-Kate Olsen Growing Up

    Always the tomboy, never the princess.

    If you grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen films, you know there are only two kinds of people on this Earth: Ashleys and Mary-Kates.

    Watching the twins, who are often portrayed as complete opposites, a choice had to be made.

    And it was obvious which of the two was the correct choice.

    Mary-Kate AF.

    If you were an Ashley you were the girly-girl, the princess, the one in pink. If you were a Mary-Kate? Anything but.

    You were always blue over pink, ponytails over pigtails. You were, and probably still are, a tomboy at heart.

    Even when it was harder to tell the twins apart, you were always Team Mary-Kate.

    From your first glance of Mary-Kate in It Takes Two, you knew snapbacks were more than a fashion accessory — they were a way of life.

    And who wouldn't dream of baseball glory?

    Your connection to Sam Stanton in Switching Goals ran deeper than the dirt stains on your own sports jerseys.

    Just when you thought maybe the glory MK days were gone, New York Minute came along gave you the gift that is Roxy.

    And the gift of her Metallica T-shirt (which you may or may not have shopped around for online).

    It didn't matter that maybe this dynamic didn't exist between the twins in real life.

    Being a "Mary-Kate" is bigger than Mary-Kate herself. It's a lifestyle.

    The Ashleys of the world cause drama, the Mary-Kates let it roll on by.

    A Mary-Kate always appreciates the simple things in life, though not always the finer things.

    Since when is ladylike elegance ~so~ important?

    A Mary-Kate isn't perfect. She's a little rough around the edges. But she revels in her badassery each and every day.

    Most important, a Mary-Kate isn't afraid to dream big – expectations be damned!

    And although you don't always understand them, you gotta love the Ashleys in your life.

    After all, they've probably kept you out of trouble quite a few times.

    Together you make the world go 'round.

    But at the end of the day, you'll still take the baseball cap over the princess gown.