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    Meme Exposes What Gay Women Are Really Doing On Their Phones All Day

    One photo of a fashionable lady with an alternative haircut, endless possibilites.

    This photo of Esther Quek, a group fashion director for menswear magazine The Rake, was taken during Paris Men's Fashion Week in 2011.

    The trend of Quek being constantly glued to her phone is nothing new to the internet.

    But this weekend, the image resurfaced on Tumblr, in meme form, to finally reveal what gay ladies do on their phones all day.

    In case you were wondering:

    The meme's creator, a Tumblr user who goes by Bugs, was inspired by her own shameless phone use:

    I think there are so many memes out there but none that actually represent young lesbians. I think many of us DO have a lot in common (despite liking girls, obvsly) and especially in the online world (whether it's facebook, tumblr, twitter or whatever) we have loads of hilarious 'insiders'.

    I, myself, am one of those girls who can't keep her hands off her phone. I'm constantly texting, refreshing my twitter feed or – well – googling Ellen Page!

    We thought of a few ourselves:

    And FYI: Quek's fashion sense is truly a thing of beauty. See her Instagram account for further evidence.

    Make your own: