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    New Documentary Series Focuses On Transgender Individuals Serving In U.S. Military

    “No one goes into the military imagining that they’re going to be be able to transition. Nevertheless, each one of those people makes a choice every single day to endure pain and suffering."

    Enlisting in the U.S. Military as a transgender individual can not only be stressful and mentally trying, it can also end your career.

    Despite the repeal of Dont Ask, Don’t Tell, transgender soldiers can still be discharged without voluntary disclosure

    Kristen Beck, the first out trans Navy Seal, said of her difficult coming out process in June:

    A new documentary series, TransMilitary, hopes to shine a light on transphobia in the United States with true stories from transgender members of the military.

    This project is timely, following the media storm surrounding Private Chelsea Manning's very public transition.

    Handout / Reuters

    After being sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking , the 25 year-old army private told the world that she will live the rest of her life as a woman.

    In a new teaser for the series, host Fiona Dawson spoke with several transgender service members about their time in active duty.

    The project will be composed of six short unscripted episodes, as well as a full-length documentary.

    Allyson Robinson is a 1994 graduate of West Point. She has since served with the army in Germany, the Middle East, and Korea.

    She strongly believes that making transgender military service members more visible will help promote change.

    Bryce Celotto, a military police officer, was inspired by his grandfather who served as a Marine during WWII.

    Upon enlisting, Bryce knew being discharged due to his gender identity was a very real possibility.

    The TransMilitary project hopes to give an inside look to the sacrifice these service men and women make everyday.

    Watch the teaser:

    View this video on YouTube

    TransMilitary will become available for free viewing on many digital platforms for viewership nationally and internationally.