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Mary Lambert's Tips For Staying Positive (Even On Really Bad Days)

No crying on Sundays — or any other day of the week for that matter.

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Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

This Seattle songstress knows a thing or two about picking yourself up from a dark place. Four years ago she was nearly homeless, but this year she performed alongside Macklemore at the Grammy Awards. She is currently working on a music video for the song "Body Love" off her upcoming album Welcome to the Age of My Body.

Step One: Do whatever makes you feel good, inside and out.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

End of list.

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But – just in case – Mary gave BuzzFeed a few more tricks to turn any day around.

1. Get out of bed. Even when it hurts, even when it feels impossible. Just get up.

Even if it's just to take a quick shower.

"It's really mothering yourself. You have to be your own mother because your mom doesn't live with you anymore... unless you still live with your mom. That's totally fine too."

2. Always follow "The Three F's" :

3. Dance to a LOT of Robyn...

... in your underwear.

Bonus: Look at yourself in the mirror and TELL yourself how fine you look.

4. On occasion, fix yourself an extra fancy cocktail.

Wine works too, tbh.

5. Work out when you want to, how you want to.

6. Turn off the TV and read a book...

... even if you only read one chapter.

7. Keep up a positive inner dialogue:

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"I always have an ongoing inner dialogue in my head at all times. And, when you monitor your self-talk that's when things can really shift [...] Knowing you're in control of your own thought patterns. The bottom line is: You are in control of your reactions to things and how you view things."

8. Buy clothes that fit and make you feel fabulous.

Don't forget to actually tell yourself just how fabulous you look:

9. Take yourself out! Going to a bar by yourself might seem scary, but it's also empowering.

"Take yourself out! I think that's really empowering [...] You can meet other people if you want to; it's an openness."

10. Dance to even more Robyn.

11. Forget about dieting!

"I'm not dieting anymore. I want to eat what my body is asking of me. Just listen to your body in general — it's all self-awareness."

12. Try being vocal about what you love about yourself. Who says you can't give yourself compliments?

"Saying things out loud tangibly – physically saying, 'My rack is amazing!"

13. Find a creative outlet to process your feelings.

"If I'm really having a shitty day if I can just sit down and think abstractly [...] just sitting down at the piano and improvising — it's this release you can't get anywhere else."

14. Never underestimate this advice:

"Call your fucking mom! They always know what to do."

15. Make a sandwich.

Bonus: Put some potato chips on the inside. According to Lambert, that's key!

16. Be kind to others.

"Treat others as you wish to be treated. Don't just be nice, but be kind to other people. That can be so rewarding."

17. When you're feeling very low: Force yourself to laugh.

Lambert suggests starting right here:

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When in doubt, return to the top of this list:

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed