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After Marrying Teammate Erin McLeod, Ella Masar Shut Down Hateful Comments With One Instagram Post

Don't mess with this couple, on or off the field.

Over the weekend, fresh from the Women's World Cup, Canadian goalkeeper Erin McLeod tied the knot with her girlfriend and fellow footballer Ella Masar.

This perfect couple also happen to be teammates on the Houston Dash, because they are perfect.

The pair both tweeted their exciting news this week with photos from the ceremony:

The love of my life said "I do"... @emasar3 you are all my reasons- plus your initials don't change;) win win?

It was only earlier this year that Masar came out publicly โ€” in an article focusing on her Christian faith โ€” after receiving homophobic comments on a personal family photo.

This morning, Masar once again took a moment to shut down any hate toward her joyful day. She posted this photo to Instagram with the following personal message:

For all the congratulations, love, and support thank you. Erin and I feel overwhelmed and blessed with everyone that has reached out... Also, to the "other" messages, thank you. Thank you for praying for me and reinforcing my own prayers because as you pray, "Lord please help Ella, allow her to see her sin for loving that woman, for respecting her, being faithful, honoring her, etc ..." Know I am saying the same thing, "My Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me find my better half, for finding someone that strengthens my faith and allows me to be the person I always imagined. Thank you for teaching me what truly loving someone and others is all about, amen.

Congratulations to the wonderful (and perfect) couple!

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