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This Photo Of Two Women Kissing In Front Of An Anti-Gay Protester In Dublin Is Everything

Sometimes a picture really says it all.

If there's one photo that sums up what's going on in Ireland right now, it's this one snapped outside Trinity College in Dublin last week:

James Delaney

The photograph shows two women kissing directly in front of an anti same-sex marriage protester.

On May 22, voters in the Republic of Ireland will decide if "marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex," in a historic national referendum.

"I meant to snap [the picture], but I didn't realize I snapped the man's reaction until I got home yesterday," photographer James Delaney told BuzzFeed News.

"I was strolling past Trinity College on my way to meet a friend when I saw only a handful of people gathered outside of the main gate. There was a man holding a large sign preaching the 'no' campaign. A crowd of 'yes' campaigners started to gather. I stayed around for a few minutes but then left to meet my friend. I returned about 20 minutes later to find the crowd was now double the size it was before, with the man shouting even louder than before.

"We stayed around to watch again and after a few minutes these two women started kissing," Delaney said. "Once they saw I had a camera they continued kissing and the 'no' campaigner became enraged."

The image quickly began making its way around Twitter and other social media outlets:

This is amazing #MarRef #Trinity #VoteYes

According to Delaney, the reactions to the image have been nonstop and largely positive.

"My Facebook has been on the go nonstop for the past day. There has been a huge positive reaction to the photo, more so than I imagined. I never thought it would get this much attention."

@Dave__Healy To quote The Snapper he'd want to close his mouth or the birds might start nesting in it.

"I don't think many people saw the women kiss, as they were kind of shielded by the crowd. But those who did began to cheer, then everybody naturally began to cheer. It was a special moment to see," the photographer said.

The women in the photograph have yet to be identified, but they are clearly winning the day.