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10 Incredibly Inspiring LGBT Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Fitness, travel, and style — oh my!

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Feeling a little ~uninspired~ lately? Here are just a few LGBT folks on Instagram who will push you to live your very best life — every single day.

Be sure to follow...

1. @LezBackpack to cure (or add to) your wanderlust:

Instagram: @lezbackpack

Melissa Langley, 31, has a feed overflowing with adventures alongside her girlfriend. If you're looking to plan a big trip, or just want to live vicariously through someone's travels, this is a great place to start.

"My partner and I started traveling when we moved to Korea to teach English," Langley told BuzzFeed. "We started this Instagram to document our adventures and to inspire lesbian women to travel and see the world with a sense of wellness."

2. @Mtat95 for the inspiration to overcome even the toughest obstacles:

Instagram: @mtat95

Michael Tatalovich, 20, is a cancer survivor who recently completed a biking trip from Austin to Alaska in order to raise awareness for the disease. No doubt whatever he does next will be equally as impressive, so start following him to get on board.

"Life can be cherished in small moments," Tatalovich told BuzzFeed. "Those in triumph and in hardship — both are healthy and essential. I would hope that people take away from my account that life can always be made better with a little in-on-the-joke humor."

3. @theblackswandiaries for your inner badass ballerina:

Instagram: @theblackswandiaries

Sydney, 23, is a professional ballerina living in New York City who will bring some serious grace and poise to your day. Bonus? She just got engaged, so her feed is filled with adorable couple photos as well.

"I want people to see that no matter what life throws at you, there's always joy on the horizon," Sydney told BuzzFeed. "Being woke doesn't have to bring you down. I'm a LGBTQ woman of color who struggles openly with anxiety and depression. I work very demanding field (professional ballet) where I am constantly scrutinized based purely on my body. Is it hard getting out of bed every day? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Absolutely."

4. @Taylarmade for when you really need that push to hit the gym:

Taylar Stallings, 31, is a badass CrossFit coach who will make you feel just a little guilty for scrolling through Instagram while loafing on the couch. She regularly documents her workouts, competitions, and special diet.

"It's ok to be strong, different, and a female," Stallings said when asked what she hopes people take away from her account. "Don't be afraid of who you are and live life with no regrets!"

5. @Gorillashrimp for those moments you want to just pack up and leave it all behind:

Instagram: @gorillashrimp

Malcolm Ribot, 27, is one truly adventurous dude. He's currently in the middle of a whirlwind road trip, traveling the country in his blue hatchback (with his adorable dog) to connect with other trans men and bring visibility to the community.

"My hope and mission has been to help connect fellow FTM Transgender individuals with one another — to help our community grow, while also spreading visibility in and out of our community," Ribot told BuzzFeed. "I hope to help others see they are not alone, that we are everywhere, and also to help inspire and encourage individuals to be themselves."

6. @Kordalenkaleb when you're looking for "aww" but also "damn!":

Instagram: @kordalenkaleb

Look, there are two things you want from your Instagram feed: a solid balance hotness and cuteness. Kordale and his partner, Kaleb, who live in Atlanta with their kids, are the answer. You may remember the proud dads going viral a while back, and all with good reason — this duo has it all.

7. @ihartericka for some much needed positivity:

Instagram: @ihartericka

Ericka Hart, 30, is a sex educator and writer who recently made waves by going topless at New York's Afropunk festival to proudly show off her mastectomy scars. She's a bundle of energy and inspiration who will remind you how beautiful you are, inside and out.

"My breasts did not lose their sex appeal because there is no nipple, because I had a double mastectomy," Ericka told BuzzFeed. "I want people to see someone reclaiming their body by their own design rather than how the world desires and has made up its mind to see it."

8. @_disinhibition, for when you finally gather up the guts to get some ink:

Instagram: @_disinhibition

Adam Traves, 28, is a Melbourne tattoo artist who will absolutely bring a little creative jolt to your feed — and possibly convince you to get some new ink. Traves currently works at Crucible Tattoo Co. — a queer-owned and queer-run business.

"My work reflects my identity and eroticisms and encourages others to celebrate theirs, a subversive take on contemporary tattooing that promotes queer visibility and a shift away from heteronormative content and ideals in tattoos," Traves told BuzzFeed.

9. @sparkleasyouare to get in touch with your inner yogi:

Instagram: @sparkleasyouare

Sparkle Thornton, 30, is a longtime yoga instructor and massage therapist whose infectious positivity will pick you right up, even on your lowest days. She's also the founder of a queer and trans yoga retreat.

When asked what she hopes people take away from her account, Thornton replied, "deep poetic exhales."

10. @Cisforcristal when you want to see a lil' more love in your feed:

Instagram: @cisforcristal

Cristal Veronica, 38, is a “queer chicana feminist photographer foodie” living in San Francisco — clearly living her best life — taking photographs for the rest of us along the way.

"My goal is to be visible is a world that marginalizes people of color and folks in the LGBTQ community," Veronica said of her account. "As a wedding photographer, I love photographing folks in these communities to highlight the beauty of their lives and love. I'm also passionate about fancy coffee, sushi and live music, so my Instagram feed will likely include photos of those as well."

Who do you follow for daily inspiration? Share in the comments below!