Sorry Women Of The World, Samira Wiley And Lauren Morelli Are Engaged


    As evidenced by some serious bling-bling seen in photos posted to Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday, Orange Is the New Black actor Samira Wiley is totally engaged to her girlfriend, OITNB writer Lauren Morelli.

    Not surprising since they are one of the most adorable couples on this earth.

    Wiley captioned this Instagram photo with a simple "Yes." 💍

    The pair made some serious headlines when their relationship first went public, but after the hubbub died down they went about their business — being all adorable ’n’ perfect all the time!

    I mean, come on. ENOUGH, you two.

    People were super excited over the news...

    @samirawiley and @lomorelli are ENGAGED #BestBirthdayPresentEver

    Samira Wiley got engaged; suddenly my acne is gone, I have all A's, days seen brighter, life is wonderful. This is the best news so far.

    samira wiley & lauren morelli are engaged i'm emotional 😭💗

    ...if not also a wee bit disappointed.

    *crosses Samira Wiley off list of possible ex-wives*

    💕 💕 A big congrats to the happy (and perfect) couple! 💕 💕