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Queer Couples: Tell Us About Moving In With Your Partner

Submit a video with your partner about the good, the bad, and the ugly of moving in together.

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Interested in being featured in a future BuzzFeed Video? Here are the details. (Don't worry, it's quick and easy — no fancy equipment needed.)


What we need from you:

*Your video submission should be less than three minutes, and ideally under two minutes in length. (We will be cutting and editing the footage, so it's alright if you're a little over or if there are some gaps/pauses).

*Video file should be formatted to .MP4 or .MOV

*Record yourselves in a well-lit space with little distractions or background noise. We want to see and hear you!

*Don’t have a fancy camera? No problem! It’s possible to shoot great video with your smartphone or laptop.

*Feel free to submit photos of your space alongside the video footage.

Questions To Answer:

1. Introduce yourselves — how long have you been together? When did you move in together?

2. What's the hardest part of living with your partner?

(Did any unforeseen disagreements arise from first moving in? Did your family approve? Do you split the costs evenly?)

3. Did your families approve of the move? Did you have any trouble renting/finding a place as a queer couple?

4. What's the best part of living together?

(Cuddling, we know.)

5. Which of you is the clean one? Which of you is the better cook? Which of you is the early riser?

6. Give one piece of advice to anyone about to ~merge~ with their significant other!

And finally, show us around! Give us a quick walkthrough of your digs. Point out your favorite things about your shared living space.

Have fun with it! The more creative your video (and the more complete your responses) the more likely it will be selected to be featured in an upcoming LGBT video.


And you'll be helping any couples out there about to make that big cohabitation leap.