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    Lessons On Life And Love From The Mystical Being That Is Ezra Miller

    Don't worry, Ezra Miller is here to guide us all through this thing called life.

    This is Ezra Miller.

    Perhaps you remember him scaring the pants off you in the film We Need To Talk About Kevin?

    But it's more likely he stole your heart in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

    Behind those sultry brown eyes and flowing locks, this 22-year-old actor has some serious wisdom.

    Sit back, get comfy, and allow him to school you on a little thing called life.

    Ezra Miller on finding yourself:

    On being your own best friend:

    On being in love:

    On physical good looks:

    On dating when you're young:

    On sexuality:

    On hanging in there, even when life gets you down.

    Now that Ezra has instilled you with enough motivation, inspiration, and love for a lifetime, carry on, world.