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Leisha Hailey And Kate Moennig's Friendship Is A Thing Of Beauty

Listen up, Alice and Shane were only the beginning.

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Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Shane (Katherine Moennig) were by far the best part of The L Word.


After six seasons of the show, this duo's friendship became a model to live by.

Their on-screen friendship was so perfect it's almost too much to hope they would be this adorable together in real life.


Well, you better sit down...

... and pour yourself a drink...

... because their off-screen friendship is even more perfect.

Shield your eyes: It's almost too much.

Since the end of The L Word, Moennig continues to be an amazing actress who also happens to look like a rock star...

WildFang / Via

... and Hailey actually is a rock star, touring with her band Uh Huh Her.

It's as if we never said goodbye to Shane and Alice.

I'd like to imagine they send each other selfies like these at least once a day, as most best friends do.

They certainly give each other endless compliments.

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And if you doubt the beauty of their friendship, look no further than the countless photos they take of each other on Instagram.

Sometimes, Moennig hangs out with Hailey's adorably large puppy.

Adorably large puppy's name is Oso.

Or she snaps Hailey completing the world's most perfect slam dunk.

They drink brews together – and it's beautiful.

They support causes together – and it's beautiful.

They hold cupcakes at random events together – and IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL.

Alice and Shane may be out of our lives...

*Binge-watching old DVDs doesn't count

... but Leisha and Katherine are certainly here to stay.

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