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    Posted on Feb 28, 2016

    Kate McKinnon's "Carol" Parody Was The Best Thing At The Spirit Awards

    "Do you like to play softball, Therese?"

    During Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, hosts Kate McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani debuted a pre-taped parody of the award winning Carol — specifically the flirtatious luncheon scene after Therese returns Carol's lost gloves:

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    Carol, directed by Todd Haynes, took home the award for Best Cinematography.

    In the video, McKinnon channels her inner Cate Blanchett and totally nails Carol's sultry, cool demeanor as she sits down across from Rooney Mara's Therese.

    Cool, calm, and totally subtle.

    *double take*

    Just as she's about to make some moves, Nanjiani enters as the nosy waiter to list a whole bunch of '50s-style specials:

    "We have a mayonnaise encrusted lobster, white as God's face, that comes with tenderloin peas and jumbo squab."

    After ordering their "Eleanor Roosevelt" specials, Carol gets her game face back on...

    ... because let's not forget, this was all an elaborately planned lunch to celebrate the return of her precious gloves.

    But her advances are again thwarted by Nanjiani. The waiter mistakingly thinks he's the one Carol's interested in — as many a straight man would love to believe.

    She sets him ~straight~ in short order. This is, after all, a lesbian restaurant.

    Turns out, there are a whole bunch of "glove lunches" happening at Lezzies — Wanda Sykes and Jane Lynch are dining just one table over.

    In a twist, Carol ends up dipping out on sweet, innocent, Therese to go dine with the more tenured lesbians.

    Needless to say, the one and only Cate Blanchett clearly approved of the performance.


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